Designer Bling T-shirts

Designer Bling T-shirts


Designer Bling T-shirts

Did you know the T-shirt was transformed from an undershirt in the late 19th century, originating 1898 during the Mexican American War? Later on when the white undershirt became an outer garment famous actor Marlon Brando and James Dean was known for bad boy rolls wearing a T-shirt which became a rebellion movement. Since then the T-shirt became a canvas seen worn by men and women with messages, graphics, words, signs, and bling.

While touring and performing in hair shows from East coast to West coast in 2006 I began creating my logo for my hair salon Moye’ Hair Etc! with bling  onto T-shirts. This was the beginning of an idea that transcended over a decade. Later I volunteered for designers and utilized the same concept applying to lingerie tops; okay this was the trend not the lingerie worn behind closed doors lol. Then I decided to turn bling T-shirts into a business creating positive affirmations, fun slogans, and artwork while attending college to get my Bachelors degree in fashion design. I decided why not name my brand with something familiar and came up with S. Moye’ Fashion similar to Moye’ Hair Etc and most of all an extension of my name Stephanie Moye. During the launch party many of my hair customers and others attended and supported, which I was very grateful.  I named the T-shirt collection BLINGWEAR because later I would add other items to the brand like beanie caps, children T-shirts, sports shirts, etc. My BLINGWEAR grew into servicing businesses doing their logos like restaurants, travel agencies, entertainment, and churches. S. Moye’ created custom designs for Girls Trips, baby showers, birthday parties, sororities, and celebrities like R and B singer Syleena Johnson from Sister Circle in Atlanta, Mikki Taylor of Essence Magazine, and from the latest BLINGWEAR Collection Wendy Williams. S. Moye’ recently created a capsule collection called BLINGWEAR Spring Summer 2021 what better way to celebrate my birthday while celebrating women to show their self-expression which includes sexy maxi T-shirts, jumpsuits, and maxi T-shirt dresses. The   T-shirt is here to stay and has become a staple part of fashion. You can rock a T-shirt in so many ways dressing it up or down pairing it with a skirt, jeans, pants, etc, or with a suit or tuxedo. No matter what your personal style is or attending an event you can’t go wrong rocking a T-shirt.

I like and admire a variety of creative T-shirts however BLINGWEAR is what I’m most passionate about creating from social messages, inspirational, to fun graphics.  For more tips on fashion and latest trends follow me on Instagram @smoyefashion.

                         - Stephanie Moye  -



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